Michael Gottlieb and Nick Cooke are delighted to announce their new agency, Sunny Side Up Licensing created to represent licensing opportunities utilising some of the largest libraries of song lyrics both in the UK, and globally.

The worlds leading music publishers have signed agreements with the new agency giving them representation rights to the copyright of millions of songs.

The agency have already begun work with key partners, which will deliver innovative and highly commercial products across high profile, mass market retail accounts. Full details will be announced shortly.

The agency name was inspired by the fact that the most covered song in the world, ‘Yesterday’ by The Beatles was originally called Scrambled Eggs. The words were used to hold the tune and the phrasing in place until Lennon and McCartney came up with the words the world knows and loves today.

“As eggs worked so well for John and Paul, then Sunny Side Up felt like the right fit for us too. We are proud to represent the lyrics of timeless songs, which continue to resonate for people today.”

- Michael Gottlieb

“Music and song lyrics form such an important part in all our lives, and are the back drop to key events in peoples memories which we are now applying to products. Initial reaction from licensees and retailers has been very strong.”

- Nick Cooke

The team originally met at Abbey Road Studios when they collaborated on an Abbey Road board game exclusively for Tesco. They are looking forward to working with new licensees, retailers and other licensors who can all benefit from partnering their brands and products with songs and lyrics from every genre.

Both will continue to manage their own individual licensing and consultancy businesses alongside their roles at Sunny Side Up.